About Me

I'm a recent graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec where I lived for four years. I majored in Creative Writing and did a Minor in Irish Studies and my dream is to become a published author. I've been writing stories since I could hold a pencil, hence my absolute adoration of books.  

I'm originally from Ottawa, Ontario.

I was recently accepted to the Masters in Creative Writing program at Trinity College Dublin and moved to Dublin in September where I am currently living. 

I love any book with a great story - YA, paranormal, romance - all genres, the classics, historical fiction - the only genre I'm not fussy about is fantasy or science fiction.
I love movies, and am a big movie buff! Some of my favourites include A Love Song for Bobby Long, Life as a House, Titanic and North & South. I also love the old 80's movies with Molly Ringwald and the rest of the "Brat Pack"

hmmm what else...fun facts! (maybe not so fun :p you decide)

I am an Aries - Go Rams! although I've been told I don't necessarily act like one since I'm more introverted and quiet. I have my moments though!

I love the rain - my mom calls me a mole on a regular basis because I don't particularly like the sun or heat. I prefer cool days and crisp nights and find I have the most inspiration to write on rainy dreary days. Maybe I am secretly a vampire?

Autumn is my favourite season. I like to smell the leaves!

I am a big history buff and particularly love learning about the manipulations and intrigues of the Tudor dynasty and the Victorian era

My favourite poet is John Keats hence the name of my blog which is a line from his poem Bright Star

I am Canadian- nuff said!

Anything else ya wanna know just ask - maybe I'll tell you ;)