Thursday, 21 April 2011

Farewell MTL: You will be missed...

On Sunday night my best bud Chelsey@Bright Lights, Big City, came over for a girls night. We'd planned dinner, movies, and of course a necessary and much anticipated last visit to our local Indigo for books, bagels and a huge London Fog. This type of excursion has been somewhat of a routine for us this past year, running to the bookstore between classes, grabbing a great coffee and vegging out for a bit before we headed back to campus. It was a nice was to decompress, stalk the latest titles and just relax in each others company. It's one of the things we will both miss the most about being in Montreal so Sunday night was the perfect way to say goodbye to the city we've called home for four years.

In honour of graduation and our goodbye **sniff** we each treated ourselves to a few books. I'll put the titles up in this weeks "Oh for the Love of Books". We also did some shopping, as a new bathing suit was in order - does anyone else absolutely hate bathing suit shopping? I swear it makes you regret every indulgence you allowed yourself over the winter. We don't have to see our squishy stomachs when they're snuggled up in big sweaters!

I never thought I would miss this city as much as I am coming to, but it really has been a great four years. I guess it's all in the friends you meet and the memories you share, as corny as that may sound it really is what makes an experience worth having.

I should crack out my seasons of Felicity which always put me in a nostalgic mood now that I've been in some of the same predicaments our favourite heroine has. Thinking about Felicity the past few nights, I've had this Sarah Mclachlan song, playing over in my head every time I think of driving out of the city back to Ontario. Mostly because of Felicity and the fact that it was somewhat of a theme song through out the show.

Okay, well you guys enjoy...Imma go weep now! :P

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