Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sarah Dessen Week - May 9th-15th {Post 2}

I am participating in Sarah Dessen Week hosted by the ladies of The Reading Housewives and YA Bibliophile.  All week long different blogs will be posting reviews & discussions on everything Sarah Dessen!  If you’re a Sarah Dessen fan or thinking about trying her books (which I wholeheartedly recommend you do!) visit the link-up page here to see who all will be participating in this tribute to this wonderfully talented author!

Today I'm posting a link to one of the first posts I made on this blog back in March. It is a review of the first three Sarah Dessen books I read starting with This Lullaby, Lock & Key  and then Just Listen.

I would have reposted the reviews directly, but there were pretty pictures and everything on the earlier post...:P Enjoy and! Dessen's latest release What Happened to Goodbye is out today! Yay!

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  1. This book was really good. The relationship between dexter and remy was hilarious and actually realistic. The band members were so funny and I foud that the band members were usually in the story more than dexter. i have to admit i got confused about which friend was wich and what remys brothers name was, but all of the confusion was worth it. It seemed like paul had no value in the story at all and was boring to read about. It also seemed like there was alot of fighting in the story and some of the parts of the story repeated itself. i really do hope, that she does a sequal to this story, and even though parts of it made no sense at all, this book was unforgettable.