Saturday, 14 May 2011

Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

2 Stars. (Young Adult)

This was a cute but fluffy read. There isn't that much to it and although I read it in a day I felt like the time flew by in a not so good way. It's not that I didn't like this book, because I did. But it definitely isn't a keeper or one I would consider ever reading again.

The story starts out well, with Jordan and Courtney, former boyfriend and girlfriend on the outs. When they were boyfriend and girlfriend they had planned a road-trip together on their way to Boston University where they are both starting school. Now that they are broken up, things are more complicated and Courtney is not so psyched about three days alone in a car with no one but the boy who dumped her for a girl he met on MySpace. Not everything is as it seems, though and this couple have a few bones to pick with one another along the way.

I liked the flipping back and forth between the past and present - pre trip when Courtney and Jordan were first starting out all the way to the reason why they broke up and post arrival at Boston U.

I felt like this book needed so much more. It was light and airy without the depth I would have expected considering the reason Jordan has for splitting up with Courtney. The things they have in the way of their relationship are kind of serious but I never felt like they were because there was no real resolution at the end. All the way through, once you find out what Jordan is keeping to himself you sort of wonder why it isn't really being addressed. I wonder if it is because the book is split between past and present that caused the inability to really delve deeper into the Jordan and Courtney's relationship. There aren't very many moments that really made me love them together although they are cute as a couple. I guess I just didn't really get to see their relationship all that much so I didn't get to fall in love with them as they fell for each other.

There were some funny moments, some tender moments, some cute moments but all in all this book was just so-so. I really was looking for more depth or character and feeling and more scenes between Jordan and Courtney that would have convinced me they were meant to be. I also wanted more of a road trip book.

An okay read, but not a great one.

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