Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Systems Overload

I have a desk job. I work in the government in order to earn money for school and while I toil away my fingers tapping the keyboard incessently through out the day I admittedley get distracted and my fingers sometimes happen to stray and take me to Goodreads - a site more addictive than Facebook EVER was. Seriously, this website is a booklovers kryptonite.

While I search message boards on my favourite authors, or check out who is reading what fabulous book, I tend to get absorbed in a new series, new authors and newly discovered books that I absolutely must add to my list of books to be read.

The issue with this though, is that in order to save myself some money this summer - since I am preparing to move to Ireland for masters come September, where everything is twice as expensive (damn Euro) I have hit up my local library time and again. Thank the book Gods for the Ottawa Public Library, where literally almsot any book you could want can be found. I have been placing books on hold non-stop and my list of holds is now up to fifteen. I also picked up 5 more on the weekend out of the books that had come in off the holds list but still had 3 at home to be read before I have to return them. This library gig hasn't stopped me from aquiring a few books here and there from Chapters by the way.

So in short, my brilliant plan to save money while still enjoying my love of books has given way to my overload of finds to be read. I have a stack at home on my desk that I stare at while I'm lying in bed. I'm a quick reader and can usually get through a good book in a matter of days, but I'm not quick enough to keep up with my wandering trigger finger that has caused me to hold more books than I could possibly read in a month. I don't even want to think about all the books I've ordered since January that still need to be read. I am slowly but surely creating my own personal bookstore. In a way I relish it because this means I will always have new books on my shelf waiting to be picked up and loved.

Maybe someday, when I own my own home I will devote an entire room to my beloved novels. Oh, a girl can dream! **sigh**


  1. DROOL!

    haha. I wish this so much too. For now, we can just keep dreaming!

  2. I'm the exact same way!! I have piles of books at home waiting to be read...my bookshelf can't hold anymore! When I get a house of my own I will definitely have a library room....even if that means getting rid of a guest room! I mean who needs guests anyways lol!?