Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Jellicoe Road Script

I was so excited today when I went on Goodreads and saw a blog post by one of my all-time favourite YA authors, Melina Marchetta. If you haven't read one of her absolutely incredible books yet, please go and do so now! I fell in love with her from the minute I read the opening of Saving Francesca and my love was cemented with The Piper's Son. Jellicoe Road though, there was something special about that one. It's rare that a book hits me so emotionally that I cry, but I can say without shame or embarrassment that this is exactly what Jellicoe made me do. I laughed in moments, cried in others and when the last page was turned I sat in bed stunned and just let my brain absorb all my thoughts. 

So, with all this waxing poetic aside, I was so excited and intrigued to hear that Melina Marchetta has been working on a script for Jellicoe Road for a number of years and is now finally done. Her sense of accomplishment must be great and I for one can only imagine the work that went into penning such an amazing story for the big screen. Her post goes on to enforce that the book being optioned into a film is still in early stages, but they are reading actors soon for various roles before the script goes off to industry people, in Marchetta's words "Taken to Market". 

Follow the link below for more info about this project from Marchetta's post itself. 

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