Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

4.5 Stars. (Historical Romance)
Fabulous! I've been waiting FOREVER it seems to read Charming Mickey and Silence's story, every since their first encounter in book 1 of the Maiden Lane series. I was not disappointed by the passion, the danger, the intrigue or the love between these two characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mickey and loved seeing his background slowly revealed as he began to open up to Silence and bear his soul. He lived a hellish life and persevered and is definitely a hero to love. Even in all his impetuous cruelty and thoughtlessness, Mickey O'Connor was a man to love. Silence was his perfect balance and I liked the way she started out hating him and then slowly grew to trust and love him. They had a long way to go considering how these two met and what Mickey did to her in the beginning but I liked that Silence didn't hold a grudge, was understanding of his faults and weaknesses and only wanted to care for him and be his partner.

I could go on and on gushing but essentially I just really enjoyed the book. I think out of all three, my favourite is still Wicked Intentions, I just remember being so impressed and captured by the setting and characters and originality of the first book in the series - and Daire was awesome. This book sent us back to the streets of St. Giles which I loved, seeing as how that is part of the grittiness and originality of this series, compared to so many other historical romances, but I felt that unlike book 1, this story did tend to ride a bit more on the standard romance tropes I've read before. Not enough to dampen my love of the story, but it was noticeable at times in the way that things were resolved towards the end and in the way certain situations were handled between hero and heroine. I think that I missed the grit and eeriness from book 1 that readers got to experience while Daire and Temperance explored the streets of St. Giles. I was also hoping for just a smidge more push and pull between Silence and Mickey, just a bit more angst between them. I felt like they fell for one another just a bit too easily given their history.

I also would have liked to get even little snippets of information about the lives of the couples we met in the first two books. We get to see Daire and Temperance, but not really interacting together and we only saw Hero alone, never Griffin. Ah well, I appreciated that the book was very much Silence and Mickey centric and those scenes that needed to be developed outside of their love story were short and sweet and to the point and didn't distract or take away from the romance at hand.

I will happily disclose that I guessed right in my pick for the Ghost of St. Giles' identity. It is revealed at the end of the book and I am now even more intrigued for the next books in the series to see how this all pans out.

As a side note, I am really hoping that one of the books in the series, maybe number 5 will feature Asa as a hero! I have been intrigued by him from book 1 and would really love to see his character fleshed out and explored. Hoyt does a great job to amp up his mystique in each book by even mere mentions of him. Here's hopin'

If you love Elizabeth Hoyt, historical romance, pirates, brooding hero's or the Maiden Lane series this book is a must! BUT if you are new to the series, definitely start at book 1!! VERY IMPORTANT - which is saying a lot since I tend to start anywhere in a series most of the time and just go with the premise most interesting to me at the time, *cough* Bridgerton Series *cough* :p

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