Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How the Marquess was Won - Julie Anne Long

4 Stars. (historical romance)

This was a really witty and adorable read. The hero and heroine were both characters to cheer for and the heroine especially was likeable, funny, charming and someone you want to have her happy ending.

The hero, nicknamed Lord Ice by the ton is supposed to be cool, calm and collected, rumoured to only want to best of everything whether food, dress, drink or women, now that he looking for a wife everyone assumes he'll want nothing by the best to choose from.

Julian sets his sights on Lady Lisbeth Redmond, a beauty, sweet tempered and manageable, ready to be adored and looked up to by the ton once she gains status through marriage. What Julian doesn't expect is to meet Sophie Vale, a governess who although only two years older than Lisbeth doesn't see herself getting married or having much of a personal life. It's not that she isn't pretty, she has her attributes although would be easily overlooked next to someone like Lisbeth. Sophie is smart and discerning and is in fact quite choosy when it comes to men. She wouldn't settle for anything less than she deserves and would never put up with a man who doesn't challenge her in some way. She's quite a loving and funny heroine and I really enjoyed following her story.

Julian and Sophie meet and both are intrigued by the each other. Sophie knows of Julian through the gossip rags and Julian is charmed by Sophie's attitude and perceptive nature. It isn't until Sophie is invited to join Lisbeth at her home for a weekend party that Sophie meets Julian again and the sparks really begin to fly in earnest. Sophie used to teach Lisbeth and Lisbeth basically invites Sophie to join her for the weekend to act as chaperone while her parents are away.
You can see the triangle developing here.

The chemistry between Julian and Sophie sizzled and you could tell how much they grew to care for one another. Their interactions were genuine and heartfelt and based on more than just lust which I really appreciated. These two really got to know one another and talked a lot about their lives, hopes, dreams, yada yada lol You felt the connection as a reader.

I enjoyed their sparring, their laughing and their more intense moments.

The book is definitely worth a read, especially if you like the books with high powered hero's and down to earth 'normal' heroines.

This isn't a negative, but really just something I noticed - the author used the word 'recalcitrant' way more than necessary. Synonyms include: contrary, defiant, obstinate, rebellious, stubborn.
There were also a few editing errors here and there that I picked out. I wish these were taken care of better before the book hits final printing. It's not a huge flaw, but really, it's distracting and can be easily avoid with another clean run through.

Otherwise a very enjoyable story and there was more great set up for the eventual story between Olivia Eversea and Lyon Redmond. I can't wait to read their story and really hope it lives up to its build up after so many previous mentions in the rest of the series. 


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