Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

Congratulations William & Catherine!
I'm like a little kid, I was all giddy with excitement when I woke up at 4am this morning to watch the Royal Wedding. I woke up for the second time around noon after I fell back asleep once I'd seen the balcony kiss! It all felt like a dream in a way but I've always loved history, especially British Royal history (big fan of the Tudor dynasty and the Victorian age) so there was no way I was going to miss my chance to share in the memories of this historic event. 

When I woke up this morning Everything was super quiet in my apartment building and there was no noise coming from the usually bustling street outside my place. It may sound dreamy but it was really cozy to be curled up in bed ready to watch the glamour and pageantry of the coming hours.

I could gush and gush about it all, but what an experience to watch live. For a Royal Wedding and couple, the entire affair had a distinct intimate air and you really felt like they went a long way to making sure their special day didn't get eclipsed by the media or the monarchy or the expectations of their titles. I kept imagining what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in Westminster Abbey, or even in the Goring Hotel where Kate was getting ready before the ceremony. Everything went off just as planned and I was actually so surprised that they kept stringently to the planned schedule of events. William was about 5 minutes late to start his journey from Buckingham to Westminster but he made up the time!
And oh Kate! What a dress! What poise and grace, I think everyone in the crowd hushed as she walked in. Channeling classic Grace Kelly the gown was both modern and classic and perfect for a princess.
William was suitably dashing of course and made a bold choice to wear the Irish Guarda uniform. A tribute to his military service. The scarlet looked amazing though especially next to the crisp white of Catherine's dress.  

It was really nice to see the entire royal family in this special moment, they became more than figures of British royalty, but a family coming together to celebrate such a special day. I have to say too that Prince Harry and Pippa (Kate's sister) both looked smashing! To see Harry and William together, talking with their heads close, William leaning over his bride-to-be to joke with her father at the alter...and Kate exclaiming "wow!" as she stepped out onto the balcony to the 4,000 + people standing outside the palace...these were the moments I relished. The normalcy of such a fairytale like event. 

I wasn't even born when the last two Royal Wedding's took place (1981, 1986) but I am old enough now to appreciate the glamour and importance of a marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the future of the British Monarchy. 

What I ultimately loved most about this wedding, though was that it really was an occasion to celebrate the love between two people who couldn't be happier to be together!

Now that's a fairytale!

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  1. Catherine is absolutely the most beautiful princess I have ever seen! She looked like an absolute dream for her big day :)

    Unfortunately I did not get to see the wedding live this morning, but I am also pretty obsessed with the English monarchy, I read a lot about the Tudors and in high-school I read a couple biographies about Diana... I am sure she would have been so happy and proud if she could have been there to see her eldest son marrying one of the most gorgeous and gracious women around!

    Thanks for the post, what happy event! Wish I could have been there too :)