Monday, 12 March 2012

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

This is going to be a tough one to review.

Better than Clockwork Angel for sure, but I'm still a bit undecided in a lot of small ways about this series as a whole.

3.5 Stars

First off I thought I'd list the things that bugged me a bit in this book:

1. The constant name dropping of Victorian authors and books. Added to this, the countless times Tessa compares herself to a heroine or hero in a books she's read. I know this is supposed to be a part of her character, the girls a book lover, got it, but still. It grated on my nerves after a while and I kept wondering how books could seriously be her only reference for things.

2. The way Tessa is somehow completely irresistible to both Jem and Will. The girl is cute, she has her moments of toughness and sassiness, but usually she's just insecure and way to proper for my liking. I've said this in a previous review of the Clockwork Angel I read historical romances and historical fiction, so I know well how girls of this time period would think and act, but something about Tessa's cluelessness grates on me. Honestly what I realized is that I don't really love Tessa all that much. She has her moments, but not enough of them to make me really identify with or appreciate her as a character. Not a fabulous thing when as a reader you want to be invested in what's happening in her life and want to believe that two eligible guys would desperately want her.

There were a few other smaller things that got to me, like a certain scene between Jem and Tessa - not because it was between them but because it seemed out of character for Tessa. If you've read both books you might understand what I mean.

I love Will. I'll make no bones about this. I think he's the best character in the series. He's dark and light at the same time. He's sarcastic and mean, but honorable and loyal. I love the push and pull with his character, the back and forth and the angst he has wrapped up in his character. Out of everyone I think he is the most interesting but all the best developed. I think I read these books mostly for him, to see how it'll all work out for Will in the end.

Because of the similarities of this series to Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities I think there are definitely ways this series could end. I'll be interested to see if Clare turns the predictability on it's head or sort of flips the developments of Dickens's classic on it's head a bit.

I liked the action in this book, the developments with the Magistar and the addition of more characters. Gideon was an interesting character and I really enjoyed Sophie more in this book. I hope more develops for the both of them.

Ultimately towards the end this book really picked up. I loved reading the scenes between Tess and Will, but what I noticed, which ultimately led me to give this a 3.5 star rating, is that I didn't feel that punch to the heart I usually do when I'm thoroughly invested in the characters, the drama and the angst playing out. I loved reading the scenes, but I didn't feel much while reading. I react heavily when I read books. When I'm invested I get worked up, just ask my best friend what I look like when I'm feel the heartbreak right along with the characters. She thinks it's pretty funny.

I thought this book was much better than the last one, it has lots of action, developed the overarching plot and the character were more interesting.

Definitely worth reading if you love Cassie Clare or have read Clockwork Angel but I have to be honest and say I'm not enjoying this series as much as Mortal Instruments.   

Below are my feelings about the whole Tessa, Will, Jem triangle. 

Read on only if you've read this book or don't mind spoilers...
It is plainly obviously that Tessa loves Will. She loves Jem as well, but the love she has for Will is the passion filled, desperate, forever, soul mates kind of love. With Jem, it's the comfortable, stable, tame love that will sustain itself through the years but really never be the love girls spend their youths dreaming about. It was obviously by the way the scenes between Tess and Will were written and then Tessa and Jem that every time Tessa kissed Jem she thought of Will. When you're kissing the guy you can't be without, there's never anyone else on your mind. It's obvious that Will is in Tessa's heart and always will be. She's marrying Jem, but she wants Will.
End of spoilers.

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